How to get started with Getsocio

If you have decided to give it a go and dive into the deals e-commerce business right away, here's a brief check-list to get your site up, running and ready to experience a terrific sales boost.

  1. It is obvious that the first thing you should do is to create your site. Simply fill out the form with information on your future website and press Create your site button.
  2. Next, go over to the Admin dashboard and see all the features available.
  3. Customize your website look. By default your website is one a theme "New". It is fresh and responsive for mobile devices. You may also choose among of other 3 themes, upload background image, upload logo and favicon.
  4. Subscribe to newsletter on your website to be able to test daily-deal e-mail functionality and decide which option you would use – automatic newsletter or manual newsletter.
  5. Run a test deal and get acquainted with the deal publication process.
  6. Now you may make a test purchase to see how it works. As you do not have any payment gateway setup yet, you should purchase deal from the balance. Add money to your balance first and then purchase enough items to get the deal tipped (if it has tipping point – the required number of purchases to be made to activate the deal).
  7. Adjust content at Messages page in Admin section. Create built-in or custom pages at Pages page and then add or edit already existing items of the top and bottom menus at Menu items page.
    Messages and Pages store all the text visible to your customers and subscribers. There are two major targets for you at this point: emails and interface wording. You can edit all emails sent by your site to your users by editing messages starting with "email" at Messages page. People receive e-mails from you when:
    • subscribing to the website;
    • signing up for the website;
    • receiving a gift;
    • the coupons expire;
    • participating in Referral program and receiving a bonus;
    • resetting password;
    • placing the order;
    • the order is activated (deal gets tipped);
    • the order is canceled;
    • the order has been refunded.

    Note: there are 4 types of deals (services, events, goods and electronic vouchers), so notifications to customers will be sent for a particular kind of deal. For example if the deal is tipped and it is a services deal, buyer will receive an e-mail that message “email.services_order_activated.body” contains.

    Interface wording. All the information appearing on your website pages may be changed if you edit the relevant messages or pages. For example, it is simple to rename button “Buy!” into “Purchase!” if altering “” message. In a similar way you can modify, for example, the About page – choose "about" custom page at Pages of Admin section.
    As all the visible text may be changed to whatever you want, the same is done to have your site translated to different languages.

  8. Visit Settings page and adjust the built-in components for all the needs of your site:

    • Enable useful options for you under User experience tab;
    • Setup your own domain name;
    • Change subscription preferences under Email tab;
    • Link your website with social networks;
    • Add other social login options;
    • Choose preferred currency and setup a payment system you wish to use on Payment tab of Settings page in Admin section; make a test payment for some deal on your site through the newly setup gateway to make sure it functions properly;
      There you may select one of the available payment gateways by default and there are some more gateways integrated that can be found in this list, so when you are ready to pick one let us know and we will enable that system on your website within short.
      We are also open to integrate new gateways at additional cost, so contact us to discuss this opportunity.
    • Create locations and/or categories which your offers will cover;
      By default your site has location Worldwide and category all.
    • Add more fields to the user registration form at Extra user data tab if needed.
  9. Adjust the referral program on your website.

    By default it is set to generate $10 bonus on the first purchase. You can change the settings on the Bonus program tab of Settings page in Admin section or even disable it.

  10. Now, as your trial period is about to end, it is time to make a payment for Getsocio services and subscribe for the payment plan for upcoming month.

    If there are still some questions left, please do not hesitate to fill the contact form or e-mail us at