Shopping cart

It is not a regular practice for deals sites to offer possibility to purchase several products from different deals in one order. However, Getsocio sticks to a flexible model to fit various business needs and on your site you can let the customers to purchase multiple items in one click.

To enable shopping cart as a default setting for newly published deals you should do the following:

  1. Go to Deal defaults tab of Settings page in Admin section.
  2. Turn on option Shopping cart at the bottom of the page.
  3. Set Shipping cost for tangible items of Goods deals.

In such a manner the deals that you will publish will have Shopping cart enabled on them by default. If you want to manage this option for previously published deals, you would need to go to Deals page in Admin section, click the needed deal and turn on/off Shopping cart in a sidebar on the right.

How does the shopping cart work exactly?

This feature functions in the following way: you publish several deals on your site; you enable Shopping cart on them and when a customer comes to purchase one of these deals – the item is being added to the cart, the pop-up window with details appears; customer can then either continue shopping by adding more items to the cart or checkout to the payment page.
The shopping cart will also work within one deal – if your deal has multiple products in it, the buyer will be able to purchase each of these products in one order.

Can the shopping cart apply to coupon deals or it only applies to goods deals?

The shopping cart works for all deal types available in Getsocio. So with its help you will be able to offer tangible items to be shipped at a fixed shopping cart shipping cost, multiple coupons of Services or Events in one order or several codes of Electronic vouchers in a single click.

What if I have different deal kinds on my site – how the shopping cart will work?

In this scenario, an individual shopping cart in a separate order will appear for each deal kind. Say, you offer coupons of Services type of a deal and items to be shipped of Goods type of a deal. The customer will be able to purchase only one deal kind in one order – so one shopping cart will be created for Goods and processed in one order, and another shopping cart will be created for Services and processed in a second order.

What if I do not want to offer certain deals with shopping cart?

Besides the default shopping cart setting, each deal has the option Shopping cart available in deal manage area. This means that you can enable shopping cart on one deal and disable it on another deal. Therefore, you will be able to control which deal can be purchased through a shopping cart and which deals should be purchased individually.