Discounted deals

The main content of your site on Getsocio are so-called Deals. They are your actual discounted offers.

Depending on your business strategy, the deals can be of any duration: 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year, etc. The core of these deals is to offer certain discount. On your Getsocio site you can publish 3 types of deals:

  • Services – this type of a deal is for selling coupons to a physical place, such as restaurant, spa, gym, hotel, etc.
  • Goods– this type of a deal is for selling tangible items to be shipped to the customer.
  • Electronic vouchers– this type of a deal is for selling electronic codes (vouchers) to other 3rd-party online shop/company.
  • Events– this type of a deal is for selling coupons for various events that should be exchanged for actual tickets.

There is a Deals page in Admin section that stores all the information about the deals that were already run, that are running now and that will be run in the future on your site. From this page you can also create new deal, view orders placed, etc.

There are several deals available for your site by default. For testing purposes you may need to publish more deals by copying already available deals.

If you decide to create own deal to see which settings it has and how it works in general, please refer to this guide: How to publish a new deal.