Widgets are special tools that are used for marketing purposes. It is a small banner with advertisement to attract more business. For deals and e-commerce sites widgets are supposed to display actual products that are being offered by the site.

In Getsocio widgets show the most recent active deal of your site. Widget has the following information on it:

  • Deal title;
  • Deal image;
  • Product price;
  • Product value;
  • View button;
  • Website logo.

The page with widgets is built-in to your site, though it is not visible to website users. To make it public you should do the following:

  • Go to Menu items page in Admin section and press Add item button for the top or bottom menu (for more information on pages and menu items please refer to this guide).
  • Then you will need to set widgets page name (e.g. Embed) and choose from drop-down Built-in Page menu Widgets, change position for this page if needed and save your changes.
  • Created page has 5 widgets of different sizes and each of the widgets has its own code. All you need to do is copy selected widget code and paste it to the website you would like your offers to appear.

Widgets also have referred_by parameter, so they can be used for referral program. Those of your website users, who will paste the code to a 3rd party (website, blog, etc.) will have a chance to get the referral bonus when referred by them customer buys the first deal.