Mobile application for your daily-deal website

Getsocio offers 2 kinds of mobile apps for your website - iOS and Android. You can choose any of them (or both) and have it setup.

Below you will find instructions on getting the mobile application:

  1. Once you decide to go for a mobile application, you should choose what payment system would you like to have in your application. It can be PayPal or (for US and Canada citizens only) payment gateways. To have it setup with PayPal, you would need to get unique PayPal App ID for the application.
  2. Next you would need to prepare graphics for your application:

    • Application image (icon) - resolution is 1024x1024 px
    • Splash screen images of the following resolution: 640x960 px, 960x640 px, 960x600 px, 1136x640 px, 1136x600 px, 640x1136 px, 1024x768 px, 1024x748 px, 768x1024 px, 768x1004 px, 2048x1536 px, 2048x1496 px, 1536x2048 px. In total you must prepare 13 images for the splash screen of these resolutions.

    Note: Graphics have to be without rounded corners or transparent background.

  3. Prepare description (couple of sentences that describe what your mobile application is for), keywords for your mobile application and e-mail them to us. They will be needed when uploading the application to App Store and/or Google Play.
  4. Once the preparative steps are completed, it is time to register an account (Apple developer and/or Google Play), where your mobile application will be uploaded to.

    How to register an Apple developer account
  5. When the build of your mobile application is completed, it needs to be uploaded to your Apple developer and/or Google play account. Apple requires application to be uploaded from same computer it was created at, so we'll do that ourselves. Android application may be uploaded at your end, so we'll e-mail it to you and you should upload it to your account.

    Note: Apple checks each uploaded application very carefully and sometimes the application may get rejected. Do not worry if you receive an e-mail notification that the app was rejected. Such e-mail will contain the detailed reason of rejection, so please contact us and provide this information. We will take care of it.

  6. Now, as you already uploaded your app to Google play account and/or your iPhone app got approved, it is time to announce the release of mobile apps on your daily-deal website. You may create a special page with information on mobile apps (screenshots, description, etc.) or simply add download links to the sidebar/top bar. You can make those links look better by adding cool badges: download the badge for Android app here and for iOS app here.
  7. It is all done! Now your customers can easily purchase deals through the app.

If there is still left something unclear to you, please email us at