Coupons for events

This deal kind works similar to regular Services deal. It allows to sell coupons that should be exchanged for the event ticket. The events can be of any type – the main purpose is to let the customer to book a ticket for the event online at an attractive price and with the purchased coupon get an actual ticket afterwards.

The following steps are applicable for creation of events deal type:

  1. When logged in as admin, go to Deals page in Admin section and click New deal button.
  2. Choose Events from the list.
  3. Fill in the regular fields of this deal (the detailed explanation of each deal element can be found here).
  4. Enter the correct dates and time of the event by adding several products in Product section. The date and time are set in the site's timezone, so make sure you enter them correspondingly.
  5. Publish your deal.
  6. On the deal page the customer will be able to choose the preferred date and time of the event on the calendar and book a ticket.

After a purchase for the events deal is completed, the buyer will get a coupon with instructions to exchange it for the ticket. So make sure you provide clear and detailed instructions for redeeming in How to use this section.

Coupon for events looks pretty much like as for a regular services deal. It still has all the attributes needed for coupon fraud protection such as unique coupon code, verification code, recipient name, instructions for redeeming, etc. The main difference is that it does not have any expiration date associated with it due to different limitations of e-commerce businesses and event hosts that may apply. So if there is an expiration date for the event coupon to be exchanged for the ticket – it should be stated directly in deal's Fine Print and thus will be printed on the coupon itself. It also has date and time of the event clearly stated to not get the customer confused.

Website admin can view the list of sold coupons for a certain deal by going to Deals page in Admin section and clicking the number in Items column for preferred deal.

Vendor, who is offering the deal, can access the list of sold coupons and mark them as used if needed once the customer exchanges the coupon. For more information on vendor user role please refer to this page.