Facebook.com is the most popular social network. It lets people connect with friends, upload photos and videos, play games and post status updates. Though if you are reading this article, you probably have a Facebook account already. If not, you might be interested in reading more about its history and features available.

The core idea of a social network is to let people share cool stuff with their friends online. When your deal is fun, people will talk about it to their friends and spread the word like wildfire. With some luck and effort, it may reach many millions of Facebook users within hours.

This is a beauty of social commerce — it almost runs itself, provided you can keep your audience engaged.

For a daily deal site to be successful it is essential to have as many people as possible learn about the offer of the day. Facebook's easy sharing, status updates and multimillion user base make an invaluable tool for social marketing.

There are many ways to use Facebook to promote your site.

  • You may create Facebook page for your business and start growing your fan base.
  • You may put a Like button on your deal page to make it very easy for your visitors to share their excitement about your offers with their friends.
  • You may make it easy for your first-time visitors to sign into your site by using Facebook Login.

After all, it's all about viral marketing — helping your customers spread the word about your offers and grow your customer base organically. Of course it requires some effort on your side — your deals need to be fun and engaging, so people will want to share.

Getsocio makes it quick and simple to integrate Facebook with your daily deal site. You only need to create and set up a Facebook Application for your site. Then you may go to Social activity tab on the Settings page and enable Facebook sharing for each deal to automatically have Like and Share buttons . Also, you may have a link to your Facebook page appear in the Follow us section of your site.

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