Tangible goods deals

Tangible goods are being sold for the same purposes as the regular coupons – users get discounts and merchants get more business. If users buy tangible goods, they do not receive any coupons. They have to provide the website admin with the correct shipping address information when placing an order, so they can ship the goods to the customers.

Creating a tangible deal with Getsocio platform is easy as regular coupon deal:

  1. Create deal with type Goods.
  2. Set the base shipping cost price and/or shipping cost per item. You may also leave these fields empty, if you do not charge shipping cost (If you will be selling items in a shopping cart, these fields will not be present on the deal creation form and shopping cart shipping cost will be applied instead).
  3. If there is a barcode for the goods, type it in EAN code field.
  4. Insert all the other needed data as for a regular deal and click Save.
  5. Your deal is created!

Since now when your website users buy this deal, they will be asked to provide the shipping address.

After the order was placed, you may check and download delivery address and other order details on the deal's Orders page. Here you can mark the status of a deal as shipped or unshipped, as vendors may mark the coupons Used/Unused for a coupons deals.

Tangible goods FAQ

What amount of the shipping price should I set?

It depends on the kind of shipping method you use and on the destination you are shipping to. Note, that there will be no sense in using your services if the total cost of product will be close to its value or even will exceed it. The discount's percentage should still remain high.

Should I set shipping cost per item or per package?

If you ship big or heavy products, it is probably better for you to set shipping price per item. But if the goods you sell scale not a lot or you do not pay for the goods size and weight with the chosen shipment method, you may use base shipping cost. You can also set both these parameters.

Simple recommendations for tangible goods deals.

At first, you should choose type of goods you are going to sell. Consider the buyers audience: who these people are and what they need? Remember, more than likely that your website will not be able to compete with huge online shopping systems (i.e. Amazon, Ebay), at least not at once, so do not try to sell extensively used goods, make an attempt to sell something not so popular. In this case, you will be able to conquer the targeted audience. Take into account the business you or your merchants are dealing with, collect all the needed information and when you are ready, create a new deal at Getsocio's website and start making money!