Coupons for services

The most popular type of a discounted offer nowadays. For the deal purchased customer gets the coupon which gives a certain percentage of discount at some place. It can be 50% off in spa center, 60% in pizzeria or $30 off for wine tasting. It all depends on your particular business strategy and of course on your partnerships with merchants.

Each coupon has its code. It is a set of digits that is unique, automatically generated and hard-to-guess. Moreover, there is a customer's name assigned to each coupon, so the process of coupon identification is easy and secure. There are some more details about coupon fraud protection listed here.

The procedure of creation services type of a deal is straight-forward:

  1. When logged in as admin, go to Deals page in Admin section and click New deal button.
  2. Choose Services from the list.
  3. Fill in the needed fields of this deal (the detailed explanation of each deal element can be found here).
  4. When customer purchases this deal, he/she will receive an e-mail notification with the coupon for his/her order. It should then be redeemed at the vendor's place according to the deal regulations.

There are no limitations on the discount that coupon gives: it can be certain percentage off (for example, 60%), it can be fixed amount off (e.g. $20) or the regular cost for the service (value) can be set and the discount will be calculated by the system automatically.

The website admin can view the list of sold coupons for a certain deal by going to Deals page in Admin section and clicking the number in Items column for preferred deal.

Vendor, who is offering the deal, can also access the list of sold coupons and mark them as used once the customer redeems the coupon. For more information on vendor user role please refer to this page.