Deal defaults

Deal defaults tab of Settings page helps you optimize the process of deal publication by making global settings that will be applied to every new deal you publish.

You may set up a specific value for tipping point – a minimum amount of items to be bought before the deals gets activated. So if you set tipping point to 5, no one will get the coupons/goods/vouchers until 5 items are bought.

You may choose to show or hide the amount of items already purchased by toggling the Show purchase count on or off.

By default you have 2 pages with current deals – Active deals (where all of your published deals appear) and New deals (where featured deals appear). You can control whether to add fresh deals to New deals page by toggling Add to new deals page option.

You may hide the days count from the deal's timer by toggling on option Hide days on deal timer. This will make the deal look as last day special and will attract more purchases to it.

To set different shipping cost for multiple products in goods deal – enable option Various shipping costs for products.

To let customers purchase the refunded items once again – turn on Decrease purchase count when refunded. This way when the order for a certain deal is refunded, someone of your user will still be able to purchase this item (when there is initial quantity and the deal is still live).

To change the time frame within which the customer will be notified about upcoming coupon expiry date – use option Coupon expiration reminder. You can even turn off the reminders if needed.

You have an option to choose whether to show barcode or QR-code on the coupon – update the setting Optical representation of the coupon code to fit your needs.

You can choose which deals you do not plan to sell on your site and remove them from the list of types on the deal creating form – toggle on/off Services, Events, Goods or Electronic vouchers as to your preferences.

Enable/disable taxes on this form. To update the tax percentage/amount press Edit button. In Edit section you can also update default deal lifetime.

Turn on possibility to purchase several products in one order with Shopping cart. Set Shipping cost for goods deals within shopping cart.