Marketing tips

We all know that the success of every business is majorly determined by extensive and versatile marketing. After you have optimized your site to be easily looked up on search engines you can go ahead and employ a wide range of direct and, thus, more efficient and easily controllable means.

Here are some tips on how you can market your site:

  • Blog - setup a blog on Wordpress or Blogger and update it frequently. Use tags extensively, steam up the discussions in comments, be active in the community.

Tip: the blog should not necessarily be on your deals or group-buying, post there anything related to your area or field of operation, everything that could attract interest and help you get some backlinks to your site as a part of your SEO efforts.

  • Banners. Yep, a whole set of ready-made widgets are already built-in into your site. They are nice-looking iframes with today's deal title, price and value of the deal, deal's picture and your website logo. You can use them yourself if you run some other sites or blog or encourage your partners-friends-affiliates to use them and get paid (widgets have "referred_by" parameter to track all the conversion).
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Giveaway. Everyone likes gifts. Launch some kind of lottery - create a custom page or post a free deal offering iPad, iPhone or a box of jelly beans for signing up for your daily deal newsletter. Don't forget to actually give it to someone and announce that to boost the trust of your subscribers.
  • YouTube. Yes, YouTube is not only for watching the news and music clips. It's a powerful social commerce tool. Create a customized Youtube profile for your site and keep in touch with your audience there. That can be a part of giveaway contest. Encourage people to make videos of themselves enjoying services/goods bought via your website and give a cool prize to the winner of that contest. Try to make it as much interesting as possible because this advertising option might help you get more business instantly.