Subscribers are your potential or already existing customers. They receive the newsletter with deals regularly, in such a way they stay informed about active discounts on your site.

Basically, subscribers have only submitted their email address via subscription page or pop-up window in order to receive newsletter to their email inbox.

The person, who is subscribed for the newsletter, can also have user account on your site (with the same email address or with the different one). However, if he/she hasn’t registered on the site yet, thus it is very important to turn them to buyers. You should focus on attracting them to register on your site and buy some deal (you can offer any kind of bonus that gives additional discount, for example, referral bonus, promotional code etc.). Of course, you should not forget that the more diverse and interesting your deals are, the higher chances are to get new customers.

Would be great to get them interested, as they will become your loyal shoppers and can spread the word about your site.

Why do you need subscribers for your site?

As you have understood, with the help of newsletter the subscribers can discover new deals from your site. Such emails are very handy when it comes to marketing, because people do not have possibility and desire to constantly monitor some site. And with the email it is very easy to stay aware of cool discounts that you offer.
That is why it is essential to focus on this marketing technique.
Getsocio has some tricks that will help you to gain more subscribers. You can enable Subscribe at signup, Subscription popup and Subscription redirect options under Email tab of Settings page in Admin section - all of them are to make the promotion easier. Also subscriptions are made for the exact location and category, so the subscribers will receive only deals they are interested in.

How do the subscribers cancel their subscription?

If a person does not want to receive newsletter anymore, he/she can always follow "unsubscribe" link in the email.  If somebody decides to renew the subscription, they can simply subscribe again.

Why is it important to have only manual subscriptions?

People do not like to receive spam, moreover, it annoys them. While some will mark the email as spam, others can report an abuse to authorities or service provider, which can lead to the whole server blocking. As you understand, such situations happen when people receive emails against their will (when you subscribe someone’s email address without his/her permission). And in fact, one unsolicited email may cause problems to you – even shut your business down. That is why we suggest all subscriptions to be done manually by subscribers and do not allow uploading email addresses in bulk.