SSL certificate

SSL certificate in essence is an electronic document, which employs a digital signature to bind a public key with the identity of website owner. SSL certificate is needed to enable secure https protocol on your site, which is required by the majority of payment processors. Unlike the domain names, which usually support alias feature, one regular SSL certificate is good only for one IP address. Getsocio provides free SSL certificates for everyone who joins us.

If for some reason you want to use your own SSL certificate, you should buy it from one of the vendors: GoDaddy, Verisign, Comodo etc.

Here is the step-by-step guide in the case of getting your own SSL certificate.

  1. Visit one of the vendor websites and place an order for purchasing an SSL certificate.
  2. When your order is placed, you will be asked to provide a CSR for your SSL certificate. You may generate it on your own or ask Getsocio for help. If you would like us to create a CSR for you, you should email us with the following details:
    • full domain name (without www prefix)
    • full physical address of your company, including country
    • name of your company
    • contact email address
  3. As soon as your certificate is created, you would need to download it. When downloading you will be asked the server type it should be issued for. Choose Apache server type and when download is finished, e-mail us the certificate itself and the private key (if you were generating the CSR yourself) to
  4. After we receive your SSL certificate, we will check and install it.
  5. Later, we will get back to you asking to resolve your domain name to a different IP address.
  6. When the domain is pointed to the IP address provided (it may take some time depending on TTL specified by your domain registrar), please let us know, so we can enable https on your website.

Please note, there is one time setup fee of $50 for your own SSL certificate installation.