Site identity

It is one of the most important pages of your website. Here you can adjust site to your preferences and business targets: change the name of your website, setup your own domain and upload logos for the website and for coupons and favicon. Having this is very important for a successful promotion, because people tend to recognize the business by its brand presentation. It is worth to spend some time seeking for an attractive business name and getting a logo for it in order to give it an individual identity.

This tab is at your disposal at any time when you are ready to make your website recognizable and distinctive from others.

Website name can be changed in Site Title field and in Domain name section you can make your website a fully white-label by setting up own domain.

On this tab you can also:

  • Upload the favicon (it is a small icon on the webpage tab in your web browser next to the page name). Here you can find the instructions on its uploading.
  • Upload the logo and the logo to be printed on coupons (it can be different than logo for the website), see here for more information on how to do this.