Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a free web analytics solution that gathers detailed statistics on website traffic and marketing effectiveness. This service offers you detailed information on quantity of visits and page views of your website, their duration and frequency. You can overview information on your website audience - country of residence, IP, web browsers, and the most important content - users goals, based on these goals you can adjust meta description and keywords for your site. Getsocio platform allows you to set up keywords and meta description for each of your website pages.

Getsocio platform not only permits its users to easily associate their websites with Google Analytics account and track the ROI of marketing campaigns, but also provides a number of useful tools to market your site. These tools include social-media facilities (Facebook "Like" and "Send" buttons, option to re-Tweet the deal) and the ready-made widgets to feature today's deal on third-party resources, check the "Embed" section in the footer of your site to locate them. A top of that, there's a number of SEO facilities at your disposal that will let you make your site best-targeted.

How to set up Google Analytics