How to set up Google Analytics

Here is a step-by-step guide for creating a new Google Analytics account and linking it to your Getsocio site.

  1. Visit Google Analytics web page

  2. Press Access Analytics button to start creating an account google-analytics-1.png

  3. In new window type your e-mail and password and press Sign in button if you already have a Google account


  4. If you do not have a Google account you may create a new one, clicking on the link "Create an account now"

  5. When you are already signed in with your Google account, Google redirects you to the following page, where you should press Sign up button for continuing creating Google Analytics account


  6. On the next step you will be asked to provide General information: type website's URL (an account name will be generated automatically, but you may change it if you want to), choose time zone country or territory of your website from a drop-down menu (time zone will be determined automatically) and press Continue button


  7. Then you will need to provide your Contact information: Type your last name, your first name, choose your country or territory from the drop-down menu. And press Continue button


  8. When all required information is submitted, you will be redirected to User agreement page. Agree to terms and press Create new account button


  9. When your account is created, you can see the code, that aligns your Getsocio website with Google Analytics account. Choose your domain preferences and when you are done press Save and finish button


  10. Finally, you are redirected to a Google Analytics dashboard, where you can overview your website tracking information. From here you should copy your Google Analytics web property ID, that later will be submitted under Google tab of Settings page of Admin section of your site.


  11. Sign in with your e-mail address and password to your Getsocio website, open Settings page at Admin section menu and look for Google tab on this page. Go there and press Edit button.


  12. On a new page paste Google Analytics web property ID directly to the form and then press Save button


  13. Now you can sign in to your Google Analytics account and view your site stats.