Split payment

Split payment feature is a way to go if you plan to sell high-value items and services and feel that your users wouldn't be comfortable paying that much money online. Getsocio allows you to "split" the money to be paid by your users into two parts: some they pay online to get the coupon and the rest is paid by cash or credit card at the merchant's place when redeeming the coupon.

For example, you want to sell a car with the value of $10,000 and priced at $5,000. You can offer the users to make a deposit of $100 and "reserve" the car, with the rest paid at auto sales center. Here's how you can setup a deal of that kind:

  1. Indicate in the title that the car is $10,000 worth and you sell it at 50% off for only $5,000.
  2. Put "10000" into "Value" field of the new deal
  3. Put "100" into the "Price"
  4. Enable Extra payment option on the right (if it is not yet enabled) and click on "Edit" in Additional parameters section


  5. Put "4900" into "Extra payment"
  6. All done! The amount of discount will be calculated automatically.

Generally, this functionality is very handy for settling up with merchants, however, we do not recommend using it for low-cost deals: you give too much of a control to the vendor when letting the buyers pay directly to them.