How to publish deals via MailChimp

  1. You need to download this here and import the Getsocio template into your MailChimp account. The html file is called "mailchimp_template", but when saving you can give it any name to make it easier to use e.g. the name of your site.
  2. On MailChimp dashboard go to My Templates, press "import to my templates" and choose the file obtained in the previous step.
  3. Go back to your Getsocio site Admin section and open MailChimp Campaigns page. Here you can pick the deals to be featured and fill in other info.
  4. You can select only one main deal and you cannot submit this form without a main deal selected. All other deals (disregarding of their weight: side or main) have check-boxes, allowing to include or remove them from a particular newsletter.
  5. The campaign creation form has 5 fields for you to fill in:
    • Campaign name - absolutely optional, this will be the name of campaign draft created in MailChimp account;
    • Subject - subject of the email subscribers will receive, main deal title is the best fit for this field;
    • Reply-to email - if you want the subscribers to be able to reply to the newsletter, you should put a valid email address there;
    • From name - will appear in the "from" field of the newsletter, best match is the title of your site;
    • Template name - careful: there should be name of template you imported in step#2 (mailchimp_template by default).
  6. Having filled all the above, press "Create" button. The new campaign draft will appear in your MailChimp account.
  7. Return to MailChimp and customize the template for your newly created campaign.

Note: the template provided has only plain data fields - no background, decoration elements or images. You'll need to incorporate all that on your own using either built-in MailChimp editor or by writing HTML code. That's why this feature is recommended for advanced users only.

Also you can create your own HTML template to be imported into MailChimp from scratch. Here are the available data fields for you to use.

Available deal fields
  • deal_vendor_name: Vendor name
  • deal_title: Deal title
  • deal_description: Deal description
  • deal_addresses: Deal addresses
  • deal_start_date: Deal start date
  • deal_vendor_website_url: Vendor website link
  • deal_end_date: Deal end date
  • deal_highlights: Deal highlights
  • deal_tipping_point: Deal tipping point
  • deal_expiration_date: Deal expiration date
  • deal_picture: Deal picture
  • deal_fine_print: Deal fine print
  • deal_url: Link to deal
  • deal_address: Deal address
  • deal_code: Deal code
Available deal product fields
  • product_name: Product name
  • product_price: Product price
  • product_value: Product value
  • product_initial_quantity: Product initial quantity