How to publish deals via MailChimp

  1. Go to your Getsocio site Admin section and open MailChimp Campaigns page. Here you can pick the deals to be featured and fill in other info.
  2. All deals (disregarding of their weight: side or main) have check-boxes, allowing to include or remove them from a particular newsletter.
  3. The campaign creation form has 4 fields for you to fill in:
    • Campaign name - absolutely optional, this will be the name of campaign draft created in MailChimp account;
    • Subject - subject of the email subscribers will receive, main deal title is the best fit for this field;
    • Reply-to email - if you want the subscribers to be able to reply to the newsletter, you should put a valid email address there;
    • From name - will appear in the "from" field of the newsletter, best match is the title of your site;
  4. Having filled all the above, press "Create" button. The new campaign draft will appear in your MailChimp account.
  5. Return to MailChimp and customize the newly created campaign. You can edit recipients, From section, Subject, Preview it or simply Send right away.