The built-in Getsocio API allows you to get your deals syndicated by the 3d party aggregators quickly and easily. This is a brief overview of its basic features:








Retrieves all deals active at a certain instance. The priority is based on the "placement" of deals - main or side

Query parameters

referred_by - adds the user id of affiliate/aggregator to every URL.

Response Content

title - title of the deal example: $5 for $20 worth of sushi

location - the information regarding the city/country, where the deal is being run

  • name - name of the location
    example: USA
  • code - shortened location name
    example: usa
  • default - whether this location has been set as default
    example: true or false

dealUrl - a direct link to the deal example:

currencyCode - the ISO code for the currency being used example: usd

tippingPoint - the amount of items to be bought to get the deal activated example: 5

startDate - the date and time, when the deal is published, and the time zone example: 2011-03-07 00:00:00 -0500

endDate - the date and time, when the deal is over, and the time zone example: 2011-03-08 00:00:00 -0500

expirationDate - the date and time, when the coupon expires i.e. is no longer valid example: 2012-03-07 00:00:00 -0500

vendor - contains the information regarding the vendor of the deal

  • name - name of the vendor
    example: The Sushi Restaurant
  • websiteUrl - link to the vendor's website
  • address - the address of vendor
    example: <p>131 S Spring St, Los Angeles</p>

products - contains the info on every product listed under the given deal

  • price - the amount to be paid in order to buy the coupon
    example: 5.0
  • value - the actual cost of the item/service offered
    example: 20.0
  • extraPayment - the amount to be paid at the vendor's place, in case of the split purchase
    example: 15.0
  • initialQuantity - the amount of items in case of limited quantity available
    example: 100
  • minimumPurchase - minimum amount of items to be purchased by 1 user
    example: 1
  • maximumPurchase - maximum amount of items 1 user can buy
    example: 10

addressHtml - vendor address in html format
example:<p>131 S Spring St, Los Angeles</p>

largeImageUrl - link to the image of 440x440 pixels, the same size as on today's deal page

mediumImageUrl - link to the image of 220x180 pixels, the same size as on recent deals page

smallImageUrl - link to the image of 100x100 pixels, the same size as for the side deals

highlightsHtml - deal highlights example: Amazing offer Great food Laid-back ambient

finePrintHtml - deal fine print example: Not valid with other offers Can buy multiple as gifts

descriptionHtml - deal description example: everything you type into deal description field

code - unique code of the deal, automatically generated from the vendor name example: sushi-restaurant-7

Sample XML Response