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What Kinds of Businesses Benefit From Coupons and Daily Deals?

Wednesday, July 24, 2013
Coupons & Daily Deals - What Kinds of Businesses Benefit From Them
Group buying and daily deal sites have been experiencing quite volatile times during last months. The struggles of Groupon and LivingSocial, along with controversial evaluations regarding efficiency of daily deals for merchants, have undermined the belief of some entrepreneurs in the deal-of-the-day concept. Nonetheless, fueled by the consumers’ love for a bargain and supported by the diverse benefits of the model for businesses the daily deal space stoutly resist the market collisions. Business owners are always looking for efficient and cost-effective methods of attracting new customers. Coupons and deals is a great way to accomplish this goal. Food, drinks, beauty, health, baby products and other popular deal categories continue to provide a solid base for further development of the deal industry.


Friday, July 12, 2013
Starting a daily deal or any other eCommerce business is quite a big challenge with very many aspects to consider. Is the Groupon clone model still effective? Which market niche to select? Which software provider to choose to build your deal website? There are lots of other important questions and each of them needs your peculiar attention.
How to start a daily deal site

Here is our new infographic to give some ideas to new daily deal business startups how to make their first steps in this industry.

7 Awesome Reasons to Be a Daily Deal Entrepreneur

Tuesday, July 2, 2013
benefits of starting your own daily deal business
Every business startup have to solve an important task of selecting type of business to open. There are so many opportunities and each of them may become either a “goldmine” or may result in a failure. Today a huge part of business activity takes place online and millions of entrepreneurs select the Internet as their main marketplace. There are many different kinds of online business a new businessman can start from - eCommerce store, auction website, seo or advertising agency, blogging, affiliate marketing, various types of paid online services, e.g. graphic design, e-learning, business consulting, article writing, and so on. Starting almost any of these businesses requires significant financial investments and/or advanced skills which are not always possessed by startups. Deal of the day model stands out from other options in many ways. Let’s review some benefits of starting your own Groupon clone.

Tips for Running Successful Daily Deal Promotions

Wednesday, June 26, 2013
The daily deal industry is starting to mature. The rapid growth of the deal of the day websites gave place to slowdown and more deliberate development. People are still interested in good deals with high discounts. However, all the participants of the market are getting smarter. The deal site owners and merchants are becoming more selective with the deals they offer. The merchants do not rush to run deal promotions with the first available deal website. Despite of all the advantages of the model it happens that deal promotions do not meet merchants’ expectations for generating revenue and attracting new repeat customers. Disappointed vendors are looking for alternative ways to promote their products and services. There is no deal business without vendors. So, the owners for the group buying sites are also vitally interested in increasing merchants’ satisfaction from running the deals.

How to avoid setbacks with the daily deal promotions?