Woocommerce vs Shopify vs GetSocio

Everyone who already decided to move a business online has to take up the challenge of finding the website creating software that will meet different needs of a business and work to an entrepreneur's satisfaction.

If you are weighing the benefits of using Woocommerce or Shopify it means you've already known that WooCommerce is a free ecommerce plugin to an open source website builder Wordpress, and Shopify is a platform devoted entirely to creation online stores and selling products on the Internet. A never-ending comparison of Shopify vs Woocommerce shows that there are pros and cons to both alternatives. The choice depends only on a purpose and needs of an entrepreneur but by no means on the ratings on the Internet.

Getsocio Woocommerce Shopify
Product review Ecommerce platform Plugin to Wordpress Ecommerce software
Maintenance Any maintenance problems are solved by software provider It's maintained by a website owner All maintenance issues are solved by software provider
Pricing From $15/month Free From $29/month
Coding skill level Minimal Advanced Minimal
Security Included It's up to a site owner to make the site secure Included
Setting up Just register on the Getsocio official website Add a free plug-in to your existing Wordpress website. Register on the Shopify website

Woocommerce vs Shopify

Though Shopify and Woocommerce are among the list of the most popular shopping cart software, the choice of one or another doesn't guarantee a steady revenue stream. A success of any online business depends not just on website building software, but also on predictive abilities of an entrepreneur, skills of analyzing and the right choice of effective marketing strategy.

Our strong recommendation for beginners is to choose hosted online store builders like Getsocio or Shopify instead of going the Woocommerce route as it is not the right solution for non tech-savvy people. The reason to do that is simple: software provider is responsible for improvements and smooth running of all websites built on its platform while you can invest your time into doing a business, learning competitors and finding suppliers.

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