Woocommerce vs Magento vs GetSocio

In the age of prosperity of different online site builders the good news is that you don't need to have any tech wizardry to get your own website. And as a result of the variety of competitors it becomes more challenging to choose between alternatives of website creation software.

This Woocommerce vs Magento vs Getsocio comparison has no ratings and doesn't provide an assessment of the operation of these platforms. It aims to clarify the difference between them. Magento and Woocommerce are both robust content management systems allowing full access to their code and from a beginner's point of view they might seem a bit complicated at start. Getsocio, in its turn, is a self-hosted ecommerce platform that doesn't provide an access to the backend code but makes it really quickly for anyone to start selling online.

Getsocio WooCommerce Magento
What kind of software is it? Online store builder eCommerce plugin for Wordpress. You first need to install Wordpress and then add an ecommerce framework Open-source ecommerce software
How much does it cost? Starts from $15/month Core software is free. Additional features require installation of extensions or getting them developed Core software is free. Additional features require installation of extensions or getting them developed
What are hosting requirements? Hosting is included Light on server loads and requires little disk space It's a resource hungry system that needs cloud or dedicated hosting
Features All necessary features are available right after registration Extensions needed All features are out-of-the-box
Security Included It is a plugin built on a blogging platform and not meant to handle e-commerce More security reliable than Woocommerce
Support Included Wordpress forum Community help

Magento vs Woocommerce

Open source software is all about ambitious goals. It always continues to be developed. You make any changes and modifications you want anytime. When establishing a web presence and bearing in mind really large businesses there's nothing better than Magento since it can handle thousands and thousands of products. As for Woocommerce, any limitations in its functionality result from the fact it is a framework to Wordpress. All necessary features can be obtained with the help of extensions and plugins. It is suitable for small and medium businesses.

With Woocommerce or Magento be ready to various unexpected side effects. You have to take care of all the web hosting problems and to spend hours and days on forums in order to fix something that is wrong on your site. If you want to focus all your energy on your true passion for a business choose Getsocio shopping cart software without a second thought.

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