BigCommerce vs Magento vs Getsocio

People used to send messages by carrier pigeons and with the growth and development of modern technologies, namely e-mails, chats, social media, this way of communication is like rubbing out a flame with two sticks in a cave. The transformation that happened to the way we communicate has also influenced the commercial activities.

These days almost everything can be bought and sold on the Internet. There are different ecommerce platforms like Getsocio, Magento and BigCommerce to present products and services online. To help you comb through a variety of shopping cart software let's define some of them that will enable you to do it without bothering with code. The table below contains a comparison of 3 vendors of ecommerce software - Magento vs BigCommerce and Getsocio.

Getsocio Magento BigCommerce
Development skills Not required Required Not required
Web-hosting Included Not included Included
Security Included Not included Included
Customer service Included Not included Included
Price Starts from $15/month Free Starts from $29.95/month

BigCommerce vs Magento

When you choose hosted online store builder like BigCommerce or Getsocio you can start your online business venture the same day. This is not the case with Magento website software as you have to devote pretty much time and energy for "polishing procedures" apart from downloading, hosting, solving problems with installation a domain and others. The only limitation that you will have using Magento is the frontiers of your programming knowledge. So if you do not have any developer experience the choice between BigCommerce or Magento is obvious.

If you are looking an alternative to BigCommerce, our recommendation is to take a closer look at Getsocio because you will get a free SSL certificate not only for subdomains and built-in newsletter feature as compared to what BigCommerce offers.

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