Squarespace vs Wordpress vs GetSocio

It got to the point when people are beginning to talk to their favourite mobile devices (OK, Google), and they seem to be not able soon to talk to each other. The changes in the way we buy and sell products have also taken place. Buyers are searching for product reviews on the Net. Online stores and marketplaces are of no surprise for anybody. There is a huge number of different virtual storefronts because of a variety of hosted online store builders and open source content management systems like Squarespace or Wordpress that allow to establish an online presence without any difficulty.

When we compare Wordpress vs Squarespace at first sight it may seem that they are almost the same - both provide a possibility to launch a website. But if we look deeper you'll see that they have much in common but also are different. Let's find out why these website builders are not equal.

GetSocio Squarespace Wordpress
Kind of software Ecommerce platform Online website builder Open source CMS
When it is the solution You are an entrepreneur and want to sell products online You want to build small site with limited functionality You are experienced in coding
Costs Starts from $15 per month Starts from $8 Free to download, change and use
Web hosting Included into plans Included Needed
eCommerce Included into plans Limited. There is only one payment gateway There are plugins to integrate any payment processor

Squarespace vs Wordpress

The main idea of hosted ecommerce software like Getsocio or Squarespace is to rid yourself of problems with updates, hosting, support. Wordpress can be named a heavyweight in a website building with limitations only in your coding skills. But if you are not an expert in programming you have to spend a lot of time on learning all nooks and crannies of Wordpress website software. To describe the comparison of Wordpress and Squarespace vendors in simple terms, Wordpress is your Android, Squarespace is Apple. If you're looking for ways to sell online our recommendation is Getsocio shopping cart software.

Why will you want to choose Getsocio? Because Getsocio takes care of most precious things: your time, your money, your nerves.

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