Wix vs Wordpress vs Getsocio

The world wide web has become an alternative to the traditional way people do business. Any business nowadays cannot prosper, overcome competitors and expect an increase in sales without being present online. Website builders are the best option to organize constant presence on the Internet without technical headaches.

Here is Wix vs Wordpress vs Getsocio comparison in a table form to help you find out how they can be useful for you in setting up and running a site. Getsocio as well as both website building solutions Wordpress and Wix can make a website for you but each doing it in its own way.

Getsocio Wix Wordpress
Type of software Online store builder Website builder Content management system
Price $15 $4.08 Free
Bandwidth Unlimited 1Gb-unlimited Unlimited
Mobile friendly Yes No Yes
Support Support team Wix community WP community
Ads No Yes Yes
Subscription Yes No Yes
Change templates Any time No Any time
eCommerce Yes No No

Wordpress vs Wix

Website building software provided by both vendors handles the task of creating a site. Does Wix or Wordpress fit your needs best? If your intentions are serious about launching a site and you are willing to spend some time downloading distributives and settling the problems with domain name and hosting for it choose content management system by Wordpress.

As for Wix, it's the best choice if you are just looking the easiest way to try your hand in creating a site. There are drag and drop tools to rearrange things on your pages that would be very useful for non-tech savvy people. Despite limitations in bandwidth Wix is a good choice for newbies on the Net.

If you are going to sell your products online our recommendation is the ecommerce platform by Getcosio where all necessary features are right out of the box.

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