French translation

Thursday, December 15, 2011

French translation is up there!

Yet another extra mile we walked to make Getsocio even more flexible. Just go to Languages tab under Settings and have your entire site translated into French with a few clicks. And with entire website we really mean the "entire website" - all buttons on the deal page header and side bar, built-in pages, subscription forms and even the emails sent out by your site to its users and subscribers. Of course, you'd want some customization to give a special feel to your site, simply go to Messages page of Admin section and edit all wording you want to change.

If you target bi-lingual regions or want to target broader audience you can keep English language on, allowing the visitors to quickly switch between English and French versions by hitting the links on the top. This way operating in Quebec or Montreal, you can rest assured that your visitors are free to choose their native language, while it'd be worthwhile to enable Spanish approaching running your site in Florida or California.

Needless to say that you can keep on as many languages as you like and make your site really multi-lingual. French, Spanish and Russian can be enabled in no time. Here comes a tricky question:
Q: I have many languages on my site which language the subscribers will be receiving their emails in?
A: The system "assigns" the language at the moment of subscription i.e. if the user subscribed when being on the English version of your site, s/he will be getting emails in English, if they were viewing French version at the moment of subscription - in French and so on.

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