Shopify vs Wordpress vs Getsocio

The virtual reality makes it possible to learn from the best without leaving home towns, to consult with any specialists from the other side of the globe or to develop a business without any limitations. Nowadays starting an ecommerce store or moving a home-grown business online is a very popular way to make money compared to the past.

The choice between website building software like Getsocio, Shopify or Wordpress comes down to defining your business needs, your abilities and money you are ready to spend. Shopify vs Wordpress vs Getsocio comparison helps to understand in which case you should choose one or another software provider.

Getsocio Shopify Wordpress
Product review Ecommerce software Shopping cart software Blogging platform
Costing Pricing starts from $15/mo Pricing starts from $29/mo Free
It is recommended For anyone wanting to start selling online as fast as possible If you want to build an online store in a few clicks For people starting a blog
Hosting Included Included Need to be hosted
SSL Free Free Purchasing SSL certificate is required

Wordpress vs Shopify

Below is a brief outline of how these alternatives are different from each other. Getsocio, Wordpress and Shopify - all three are excellent tools for site creation.

Wordpress would be a good choice if:

Choose Shopify or Getsocio ecommerce platforms if:

Choosing a provider only because it is well-known may not always be an appropriate solution. Explore all alternatives to find a more well-optimized for you and remember if you outgrow a hosted online store builder you can always switch to open source software like Wordpress.

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