Shopify vs Squarespace vs GetSocio

A merchant from any point on earth is seeking the way to reduce ever increasing costs, connected with doing business, and to squelch competitors. Entrepreneurs eventually come to a conclusion to launch their own ecommerce projects. When a decision to move business online is taken, the next step is to choose how to do it without putting the scary amount of money in this venture.

It's one thing to create a business card site and that's another one to build an online store, this is exactly what the comparison of Squarespace vs Shopify vs Getsocio is about, because they serve different purposes and solve separate problems. The key point of using online store builders like Shopify or Squarespace is that instead of learning programming languages they enable you to hone your skills of selling and increase sales volume.

Getsocio Squarespace Shopify
Type of software Online store builder Website builder Ecommerce platform
Cost of online store From $15/month From $30 From $29
Payment gateways, PayPal, CardStream, Bluepay, Braintree and others Stripe only Over 70
Transaction fees On a minimal plan None With external payment gateways

Shopify vs Squarespace vs Getsocio: to each online store its own ecommerce platform

There's no need to go over detailed product reviews on Squarespace and Shopify as all of these alternatives have free trials on their official sites. It is strongly recommended to sign up for trials so you can compare features of these platforms yourself and find out whether one of them will suit the needs of your specific business.

No matter which shopping cart software you choose it would not bankrupt your business because chances of success would largely depend on things that are not directly linked to ecommerce software. Instead, it's all about having a great product, a successful marketing strategy and the right attitude to customer service.

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