Wix vs Squarespace vs Getsocio

The Internet has irreversibly changed our life. Trade and commerce all over the world are online. Today it is not a problem anymore to get a website in a few clicks with the help of software solutions. Of course, all websites have a variety of tasks. Commercial websites are completely different from government or personal ones. To obtain a successful ecommerce website you should invest your time in making a comparison of various shopping cart software and in learning the difference between hosted website builders such as Squarespace and Wix and content management systems like Wordpress.

In the case of Getsocio and Wix vs Squarespace product review we will figure out how website builders differ from ecommerce platforms.

GetSocio Wix Squarespace
In summary Ecommerce software Website builder Website building software
Best for Quick start in e-commerce Those who are looking for the cheapest variant Design-conscious users
Mobile-readiness All templates are responsive Use mobile website builder Not all templates are mobile responsive
Pricing From $15 From $4.08 $12
Bandwidth limitations Unlimited 1Gb on a minimal plan Unlimited

Squarespace vs Wix

If you're looking for a way to build one-page website and don't mind an advertisement banner of a software vendor choose Wix. They have more templates, however, unlike the сompetitor, once you've chosen a template with Wix you can't change it without rebuilding the whole site.

In the choice between Getsocio, Wix or Squarespace bearing in mind the need to launch your own online store our recommendation is to choose Getsocio, because it's an online store builder with good SEO options that enables you to set up an online store, not just a website. Why Getsocio is the right solution for you? We care of your online presence.

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