Shopify vs Magento vs GetSocio

In order to keep abreast with present-day realities, all entrepreneurs are moving their businesses online. Indeed, the Internet is creation without limitations, as it erases geographical boundaries and reduces distances thus solving marketing problems, opening great opportunities for business development and last but not least for consumers.

If you are interested in establishing an online presence for your business, then you have already come across numerous alternatives of website building software such as Getsocio, not to mention Shopify or Magento. Due to different providers of ecommerce software, the process of launching a website isn't a challenging task anymore. This Getsocio vs Magento vs Shopify comparison highlights key information in which case your should use one over another.

Getsocio Shopify Magento
Kind of software Online store builder Shopping cart software Open source ecommerce platform
Pricing Starting plan is $15/month Starting plan is $29/month Free
Hosting Provided by Getsocio Provided by Shopify It is required to find a company specializing in Magento hosting
Security Included Included Installing security patches is up to the owner of a site
Support Getsocio support team Shopify support team Magento community

Shopify vs Magento product review

The right choice between Magento and Shopify depends on a software user's needs for maintenance, security, design and other.

When you should choose ecommerce software like Shopify with Getsocio as an alternative:

Magento ecommerce software is a perfect solution if:

If you are new to ecommerce or in case you want to test the online market for your product, it's wise to invest in a hosted ecommerce platforms like Shopify or Getsocio, and then, with the growth of your business and huge flows of customers, the recommendation is to switch over to Magento.

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