WYSIWYG editor is now available in Getsocio

Wednesday, September 10, 2014
WYSIWYG editor in Getsocio

A new feature is now available for all Getsocio users - rich text editor for text formatting.
This is simple and easy in use functionality that allows to modify any text in a few clicks.

Such editors are supposed to simplify the process of web page formatting similar to formatting a regular text document in software like Open Office, Microsoft Word,  Pages of iWork, etc.

WYSIWYG editor allows to do the following: on the one hand, arrange text structure by adding paragraphs, lists, indents, tables, links, images and videos; on the other hard, format wordings using font size, font emphasis, colors and special characters.

In practice it does not require any technical skills, the user just needs to select the text that should be formatted and choose the relevant edition option.

The editor is available for usage in areas on deal creation form (Fine Print, Highlights, Description and Coupon text) and to text fields on custom page creation form (Body and Sidebar).

So what are you waiting for? Get use of it now!
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