Option to pay with cash upon delivery

Thursday, January 15, 2015
Payments at online shops are done with electronic money - directly from customer's card to your bank account.
Though, not all customers have a possibility to make an online payment for the product or service they want to purchase. It depends on the location you operate in, on the preferences of your audience, on its age category, etc.
That is why Getsocio has integrated a way to pay for the deals offline – cash on delivery method.

Like any business, you would not want to loose a customer who is ready to pay the money.
Now a customer has the option to make a purchase with offline method - request item/service on the website and pay for it by cash when the item/coupon is delivered to their door.

This comes as a very handy option in countries where online payments are not very popular.
This will also be a good addition to your existing payment provider.
Moreover, it will let you save some transaction costs applied by the payment processor, as such transaction does not go through a payment gateway – it is processed by the site and you manually.

This payment option can be enabled at Payment in site's Settings. For more details about it please refer to our guide.

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