Multiple option deals

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Giving several options to your buyer to choose from is generally a good idea, provided the number of options is not overwhelming. It makes people feel "in control" and leaves more satisfaction after the purchase.

Often several options come naturally with the deal. For example, the kind of haircut (man, woman, child), the color of iPad (black/white), the date of the event (out of the, say, five available dates), the size of a t-shirt (L, XL, XXL), and so on.

And with Getsocio recently added "Products" feature each deal can have one or many products. When buying a deal with multiple products, your customers will be able to choose the option they like.

The option chosen may or may not affect the price, and you may have different amount of each kind of a product in stock. Each product purchase is tracked separately and the product name is printed on the coupon.

Overall the multiple option deal gives the site owner even more flexibility and power. Put it to a good use.

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