Multiple locations: a blessing or a curse?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Consider the following scenario: you have created a daily-deal website on Getsocio and started playing with features and options available. You find out that it is easy to add locations, so you spoil yourself and add many cities from all over the country until you get tired in the process.

More than likely, you will use only one location – either "national" or your city and others will be left empty. And having lots of empty locations sends a very bad signal to your visitors, as they will probably leave your site disappointed even before they find the location with deals.

As you may know, the group-buying giant Groupon launched with just one location (Chicago), and only after it became popular they started to expand.

That is why we suggest to start with one location and only add more locations one after your site generates a steady amount of sales. Focus on one location, get deals, start selling, build a successful business, then consider expanding.

So if there are any empty locations on your Getsocio website – go and make them invisible now. You can always re-enable a location when you get deals for it.

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