More settings for built-in shopping cart

Wednesday, November 12, 2014
Shopping cart
As you know, some time ago Getsocio introduced a functionality with help of which customers can purchase multiple goods in one order.
We made several improvements to the shopping cart and now it can work for any type of a deal on your site.

How does the shopping cart work exactly?

You publish several deals on your site with Shopping cartenabled on them and when a customer
comes to purchase one of these deals – the item is being added to the cart, the pop-up window with details appears and customer can then either continue shopping by adding more items or checkout to the payment page.
The shopping cart can also work within one deal – if your deal has multiple products in it, the buyer will be able to purchase each of these products in one order.
Previously the shopping cart worked for goods deal type - it allowed to purchase several items and a general shipping cost for all items in an order was applied. In such a manner your customers could not only spare time on making one single transaction instead of multiple, but they could also save on shipping charges.
Now, as the shopping cart was upgraded, it functions for all deal types available in Getsocio.

On your site you can offer deals of different kinds with shopping cart. From the customer's side deal types will not be mixed within one cart and an individual cart will be associated for each deal kind.

Furthermore, if you are willing to sell certain deals with cart and others without - you will be able to easily achieve this by turning on Shopping cart for the preferred deals and switching it off for the rest ones.
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