How to Start an Online Bakery Business in 7 Steps

Thursday, August 4, 2016

Bakery business can be characterized by a stable demand for fresh pastries, high returns and quick payback. Unlike other small startups, online bakeries require purchasing necessary equipment and having suitable premises to bake bread, cupcakes, brownies. With a mix of passion and a detailed plan of how to open an online bakery (of course there's a plan!) your food e-commerce startup won't be harder than Tetris level 12.

How to Start an Online Bakery Business in 7 Steps

As for competition. Baking is an art. The one who has a rich imagination, who takes a responsible approach to the task of launching a shopping website, who solves marketing issues efficiently, has an advantage over the competitor. Your path to becoming a baking expert starts with simple preparations. With a written plan everything is not as complicated as it sounds.

What do you need to start an online bakery business

Step 1. Specialty

You need to define what kind of bakery to open and what products to sell even before getting licenses and other requirements. Gluten free bakery online will be a destination place for those who strive to lead a healthier lifestyle. Let's not forget about vegetarian cuisine. Your vegan online bakery can help to widen the sense of adventure in the kitchen for plenty of vegetarian people.

How to Start an Online Bakery Business in 7 Steps

Step 2. Assortment

Now when you have chosen the kind of an online bakery shop you'll find numerous opportunities to astonish your customers with the assortment. Focus on the recipes that your family and you find pretty good. The cost of ingredients will determine your prices.

Step 3. Bakery name

While the assortment is the key, it's nearly as important to come up with a suitable name for your bakery. This step is essential. The name selection can take you a couple of hours or days. A terrible name can doom any internet company before it has even started. If you still haven't chosen a suitable name, check out Getsocio business name generator.

Step 4. Supplies

Once you have decided on your assortment, ingredients, prices in your online storefront, the next step is to prepare supplies. Since baking is your passion you already know the stuff you need. But now keep in mind that you will bake thousands of items. To handle your bakery business you need commercial mixers, ovens and machines for dough and other equipment. It's time to browse for the best deals on bakery essentials. Don't forget about bakery containers and shipping boxes.

Step 5. Website

If you are concerned about running your own website, don't be. You can use any ready solution as the foundation for your internet business. It's very easy to use. Create your own website in the time it takes you to make a cup of coffee. It is so affordable that anyone can do this. Make beautiful pictures of the baked creations because your customers will choose pastries at your bakery store online based on how they look.

How to Start an Online Bakery Business in 7 Steps

Step 6. Registration

Start-up entrepreneurs can agree that legalese can seem a bit challengeable. You need to be persistent, otherwise you might give up before even starting. Investigate your local legal requirements for opening an online bakery.

  • Define your type of ownership.
  • Invite the council from Health Department to get a health certificate.
  • Food labels and nutritional information in Food and Drugs Administration.
  • Get a Tax Identification Number.

Step 7. Marketing

What is the most important ingredient successful internet businesses need? Customers. Being a king or a queen of baking doesn't guarantee orders. Learning how to start an online bakery you must consider crafting your marketing plan that includes the creation of a fan page on Facebook, providing instructional baking videos, ads on social media, participation in charity events.

Good baking!

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