How to get subscribers

Thursday, October 28, 2010

After getting daily-deal site created, how do you get customers? How to get people learn about it, subscribe to daily email and start buying after all?

While getting customers on your site is always quite a challenge, there are many tried and true internet marketing tricks. Here we will focus on social marketing for a daily deal site and there are some good strategies.

First, you need to identify your target group. Basically you need to answer the question: "Who are your subscribers?". For example, Groupon targets middle-class single females with a day job.

You may target any group of people: say students, geeks, parents, teenagers, whoever. Focusing on some particular group makes your site much more desirable compared to yet-another-discount-site.

Second, if you're starting in the place you are living at (most people do), you should use your knowledge of local peculiarities to your advantage. Say, you know which local newspaper is popular, and they have website with forum, which is popular as well and you may introduce your site there. Or you may put a few stickers at your local college. Or even try to get mentioned on your local TV channel.

If there is a popular blogger in the city — contact them. Any consumer support group — pay them a visit.

After you get your first subscribers, viral marketing kicks in. And to help spread the word, let people abuse your referral program — pay people for bringing new visitors.

And do not forget: offer your subscribers deals they like with huge discounts.

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