How not to get lost in deals business: simple recommendations for growing startups

Friday, December 12, 2014
This is the second article from the set of posts based on our views and recommendations for online business runners.
The post is devoted to the growing startups.

The hardest step is behind. The business went live, it is up and running. Advertising campaign is made, vendors are offering their products on your site and customers are purchasing them. To prevent your startup to turn to a startdown see our recommendations:

  1. Make your brand familiar to the audience. If you have not registered own domain yet or haven't created a logo, it is high time to do it. To continue growing you would need to launch your brand and keep working on it. In a while it will be returned and the brand will be working for you.
  2. Gain confidence. It is very important to have a secure website with data protection (SSL certificate) as studies show that people tend to choose trusted websites more, especially when it comes to online purchases. Proper contact details will make even more confidence in your business for the buyers -  it is essential for them to be able to contact you on urgent matters by e-mail, by phone, etc.
  3. Be attentive to the content. You may mistakenly think that the only content on your site is deals. However, you should also print proper information on your business, terms and regulations, privacy and refund policy, answers to faq, some interesting facts, customer feedback, etc. This will make your website more attractive to the visitors and will help to turn them to buyers.
  4. Better safe than sorry. By offering deals from 3-rd party vendor, you become the one who is responsible for the service provided and for the financial part. If you are collecting the money from the customer, in any force-majeure the compensation will be asked from you. That is why a must thing to do is to always check the vendor's reliability before offering products or services from him/her. You must ascertain yourself that this will be a beneficial partnership for both of you. Well arranged and signed agreement will be your security and success guarantee.
  5. Offer juicy deals. The way you present your deals greatly influences sales amount. Do your best to put a detailed description of the deal, add several pictures of it, explain how this service/product and vendor are different from similar ones and list the advantages of it, clearly state all the limitations and regulations to not confuse customers, add some positive feedback from previous clients to interest your users. 
  6. Keep promoting. Though you have already performed marketing campaign to announce your website's launch and gained some audience, you should continuously advertise your brand and its offers. This will not only bring new customers to your site, but will turn them to returning buyers. Focus more on newsletters and from time to time run some other promotion.
To be continued in the next post: Deals business: simple recommendations for experienced owners
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