Deals business: simple recommendations for experienced owners

Monday, December 29, 2014
This is the third article from the set of posts based on our views and recommendations for online business runners.
The post is devoted to the experienced business owners.

Having achieved good progress in deals business and turned it to popular and successful, you may think that your website no longer needs constant control and regular enhancements. Though, it is common knowledge that business of any level needs continuous attention and care. Here are some ideas which you should consider:

  1. Intelligent mailing. The newsletter is one of the best advertising tools for deals websites so far. It is fast and convenient way to inform your subscribers about new offers and discounts on your site. However, too much of the marketing e-mails may harm your business, so you should not consider the quantity to be a successful criteria of newsletter. Frequent mailing will irritate your subscribers and will lead to unsubscriptions and spam reports. Limit your mailing to a maximum of 1 e-mail to a subscriber per day, this will make the promotion effective.
  2. Minimum embellishment. Obviously your business is for-profit and one of its main goals is making money. At the same time you should understand that false advertising will not lead to success in a long run. It is important to give customer a clear idea of the service or goods he/she wants to purchase with a minimum of embellishment. Otherwise, the buyer will be disappointed and will unlikely purchase something from your site.
  3. Prompt logistics. If you are selling physical goods to your customers, you need to manage fast shipping. Think over the process of delivering the product from your office to a customer's door. You may need to hire somebody who will be responsible for the shipment. This way you will not be bothered with questions about delivery and your customers will feel confident about the products they have purchased from you.
  4. Customers' comfort. Imagine yourself to be a customer of your site. How would you feel? Would anything annoy you? Would you want to leave this website or would you want to purchase something? Think what can be changed to improve conversion from subscribers to users, from users to customers, from first-time buyers to returning customers. Simplify the website performance as much as possible for your users to feel comfortable.
  5. Focus on feedback. You should be already receiving some feedback from your customers. It is very valuable as it shows your strong and weak points. Appreciate and analyze it and make all your best to eliminate negative feedback about your company and website.
  6. Modern website look. Eventually you should think of making some changes to your website design. This can be simply colors and background image change or complete redesign, it is up to you. Anyway, new look will refresh your website and will give it a new blow.
Getsocio hopes these recommendations will be helpful for your business. Good luck!
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