Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Getsocio has cheering news for those who have several locations at a website! Locations functionality has been modified recently with new parameters: latitude and longitude. Those 2 characteristics are not mandatory fields, but you should try them out, as they bring an amazing feature – Geotargeting.

Geotargeting supposes that each time people come to your website, the appeared content is relevant for their location (based on visitor's IP address).

So how exactly does this work? When a person visits your website, system identifies IP address, latitude and longitude of their location, then matches them with parameters of locations at you website and forwards user to the nearest location page. This way user may see deals from the nearby city/county.

Certainly, if you sell deals to the locations that are not bound to any geographic coordinates, you do not need to fill in latitude and longitude fields and in this case visitors will see deals from the default location which you set at Locations page of Admin section.

To try it out just go to Locations page of Admin section and edit existed locations by inserting latitude and longitude for them. Then type your website URL in another browser (or clean up cookies in the current one) and see how geotargeting will work!

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