Deal form got new look

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

With lots of features added over time, the deal form started showing its age. It became large, clunky, overloaded with options, tweaks and settings.

And here comes the new streamlined and fancy deal form to be the steering wheel of your daily-deal flagman furrowing the seas of social commerce.

When creating a deal, you have to make choice once and for all, what kind of deal that will be - electronic voucher codes, tangible goods or coupons for services.

The deal form is organized into four parts – basic deal information, products, picture and description. Deal duration, placement and some other tricky settings have been moved to the side bar. Also the side bar has check-boxes for multiple languages (if you have them).

To ensure quick and smooth deal publication many advanced settings have been placed under "Deal defaults" section of the "Settings" page, so those specific settings will not be getting in your way unless you need them to. You can just tweak them all once and they will be on for all new deals you create.

Update:There was an issue with "Vendor select" control on new deal form. It is resolved now, so deal vendor can be set as usual.

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