Affiliate Tracking

Friday, August 10, 2012
You (and affiliates, as well) are now able to track traffic that affiliates send to your site.
In the Admin Section of your website we have added an Affiliates Page.
You are able to track all the subscriptions, registrations and orders placed by people sent to your site through your affiliate.
To sign up your affiliates just need to register an account at your site and you would then need go to the Users page in the Admin Section and find the persons name and change their Role from User to Affiliate. Once you have done this a new affiliate URL will be created for that user and the affiliate will then be able to post and attract new customers for your website.
You need to decide how your affiliate program will pay your affiliates. You may decide to give a percentage or you may decide to pay a flat rate. Here are some payment arrangements to consider.

Affiliate Program Payment Arrangements

There are three basic types of affiliate program payment arrangements:
  • Pay-per-sale (also called cost-per-sale):  In this arrangement, the merchant site pays an affiliate when the affiliate sends them a customer who purchases something. Some merchant Web sites pay the affiliate a percentage of the sale and others pay a fixed amount per sale.
  • Pay-per-click (cost-per-click): In these programs, the merchant site pays the affiliate based on the number of visitors who click on the link to come to the merchant's site. They don't have to buy anything, and it doesn't matter to the affiliate what a visitor does once he gets to the merchant's site.
  • Pay-per-lead (cost-per-lead): Companies with these programs pay their affiliates based on the number of visitors they refer who sign up as leads. This simply means the visitor fills out some requested information at the merchant site, which the merchant site may use as a sales lead or sell to another company as a sales lead.
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