Big Cartel vs Etsy vs GetSocio

The choice of the way how to enter the area of electronic commerce is prevalent in most artists’ minds. People are advised to give attention to a wide range of online store builders offering everything needed to create an online presence for their products and services. Finding an optimal shopping cart software in the diversity of alternatives may become a rather difficult task.

With either ecommerce software, be it Getsocio, Big Cartel or Etsy, any craftsperson can start selling his/her products without any technical experience. Before getting into the discussion of Big Cartel vs Etsy vs Getsocio it is necessary to understand the difference between them.

Getsocio Big Cartel Etsy
Kind of software Ecommerce platform Online store builder Online marketplace for selling handmade items
Pricing From $15/month From $9,99/month Fee-based. $0.20 per a listed item every four months
Number of products Unlimited From 5 to 300 items Unlimited
Number of images per product Unlimited 1- 5 maximum 5

Etsy vs Big Cartel

Though Etsy is a good place for beginners to explore online selling for the first time, our strong recommendation is to keep moving in order to succeed and stand out among competitors. The best way to expand your business is to develop different sales channels by using social networks, stand-alone online stores and marketplaces.

Bearing in mind that Etsy is a good option to start, here are reasons to go further with Big Cartel or Getsocio ecommerce platforms in building your own non-Etsy store: