“It may not always be profitable at first for a business to be online, but it is certainly going to be unprofitable not to be online.” ~Esther Dyson

Monday, December 16, 2013
online business

There are many financial, organizational and technical difficulties each startup business has to overcome. It is a very rare case when a business starts generating profits soon after its launch. On the contrary, building a new business always requires continuous efforts, time and funds. 

There are so many things a new entrepreneur have to do - establish business contacts, find reliable suppliers, grow customers’ base, create brand authority and many many more. In recent years, creating a decent online presence has become one of those “must do” tasks every emerging business has to cope with. Some business owners still believe that the Internet, along with all web-based applications, social networks and media websites, are mainly related to entertainment and have nothing to do with the serious business. But times have changed! In spite of its virtual nature, online space provides quite real opportunities for growing business and generating income. 

Certainly, establishing your brand in the “unreal” digital world requires quite real expenses and there is no guaranty that an investment in building your online business will bring revenue. However, doing nothing will not yield any results for sure. Besides, even though going online may not bring immediate profits, it is a great way to build your brand awareness, increase customers loyalty and earn lots of other intangible but valuable things each successful business needs.
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