Defining your Niche

Monday, November 26, 2012
In most of the success stories I have seen there is one theme that keeps repeating itself over and over. That is to start small and don't expand to quickly.

When you started your Getsocio site you might have big dreams to become the biggest site in the world and challenge the big names like Groupon and others. So you start with any deal you can get your hands on and offer them all across the country. You will soon find out your stretched too thin and you cannot handle the service needed. Or you find you don't get enough interest because of too little advertising.

It would be better to identify and plan on a existing niche that has good potential and it is something you are very passionate about.

For example, let's assume you're a sports fanatic and you want to develop a market for people who love sports.

Here are the first three steps you must take to find your niche:

   1. Assess yourself and determine what areas of life you are most interested in and how it will interface with your site.
   2. Assess your potential market to determine if there is an area that could use your services. An easy way to make this determination is just talk to the people in your targeted community. Another is to join groups of people who have similar interests such as health clubs, little league boosters, soccer clubs or minor hockey associations.
   3. Once you find a promising niche, then determine if you can be comfortable with the anticipated income from it.

If you decide to target sporting events, consider aligning yourself with local gyms or sports teams. Try to sponsor a series of community sporting events.

Get out there and

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