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Build tickets online store for free to make it possible for the audience to find tickets on the internet

What is that you, as an organizer, want? Right, “sold out”. In business with high risks all ways of marketing are perfect. So we are in the 21st century, long queues to the ticket office of a cinema or circus, for example, are over now. Anyone can check the availability of tickets and purchase them online long before the planned events.

Visitors of concerts, sports, comedy, arts and theater events know how e-commerce works, they prefer shopping over the internet. Selling tickets online makes sense as it saves time and money for your customers, and provides marketing advantages for you. Figuring out how to sell tickets online can be just like staring into a deep abyss – endless and challenging. With Getsocio things will definitely go better. Start the trial to check all the features. The demo is free for 14 days.

Getsocio ecommerce platform for tickets store solves your problems

  • Quick launch of your ticket shop on the web. Getsocio platform is a ready solution that's why you create your tickets store in a minute. Simply get registered to start your site.
  • Save on web-designer service. Our free tickets ecommerce website templates have already been created by professionals to reduce your costs. The users of your site can view it correctly on any device.
  • Sales functionality. There is no way to sell without tickets shopping cart software. Let your audience buy tickets as simple as possible wherever they are. Choose the payment methods you prefer.
  • Usability of the admin section. The priority is ease of control over your tickets ecommerce site – post events quickly, share on social networks to make your audience the first to know about a concert of a favorite star, track the progress of selling tickets
  • Be social. Share new events on social networks since people spend a great deal of time there.
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