Sell Flowers Online

Getsocio ecommerce platform for flowers store makes your sales blossom

Why is it worth creating flowers and gifts online store? E-commerce has brought special psychological comfort to customers on accomplishing purchases. Internet gives your client an opportunity to better understand a large range of your products – floral art pieces, tasty gourmet gifts, balloons and bears, all the green forest of the plants you’re selling. With Getsocio you can build flowers online store for free.

What do you get?

  • Secure, proven platform specially designed to sell your products and services – a huge step forward in learning how to sell flowers online.
  • Free flowers ecommerce website templates – highly customizable templates to meet your any needs. Change font, style of your store whenever and to whichever you want.
  • An opportunity to create your flowers store, regardless of whether you are a graduate of floristry school or a well-known floral artist, in a few clicks.

Online storefront solutions

Think of a storefront as a canvas where your floral arrangements play the role of oil paints. Show the customers a great diversity of your product to assure them that they can find a bouquet on any occasion – anniversary, wedding, birthday, or candy gift baskets, sweets and chocolates for anyone. There is much work to do, of course. You can start to fill the storefront already while using the fully-featured demo-version.

Flowers shopping cart software options

When you sell original floral arrangements in the flowers shop your regular customer is buying flowers not for himself, but for someone else, that’s also true when you sell flowers online, therefore the shopping cart software has an option “buy it for friend” or “give as a gift”. You’ll find it great that there is a space where your client can enter the message for a floral enclosure card.

Information sections

Be sure to clear up the “About Us” page on your flowers ecommerce site. Why stop on specifying only the contact information? List your hospitals, hotels, community projects, place testimonials from satisfied clients and you will get far better results in selling flowers online.

Getsocio ecommerce website solution will help you to achieve substantial cost savings as there’s no need to start everything from the very beginning in programming. The trial is free for 14 days Start free trial