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Sell crafts online - reach potential customers easily at minimum cost

You make masterpieces only one of its kind and you are great at this. But have no idea how to sell crafts online. It's OK. We haven't got any clue either how do you succeed in creating such an unimaginable beauty with your own two hands. But we have a solution on selling crafts online – GetSocio ecommerce platform for handmade crafts store.

A stand-alone handmade crafts shop, that enables uninterrupted sales 24 hours every day for the people who love what you do. You might find your product customers buying in a place you would never have heard of. Sell handmade crafts online because it's the only one way to reach the fans of high-class handmade in a thousand kilometers away from you.

Or you are selling in e-commerce marketplaces which you are registered to or looking for new opportunities to sell handmade items online - it's about time to create your handmade crafts store, your own handmade crafts ecommerce site. You are a virtuoso in your work – so you have to look professionally on the internet. Treat your small home business like a real business, because you've got a unique product. Sell crafts online to turn admirers of your work into buyers. Start the demo version. The trial is free for 14 days.

What you get with Getsocio

  • Build crafts online store for free quickly and easily in a few clicks by entering your name and email.
  • No limit storefront to show the product.
  • An expanded choice of the way your site looks with free crafts ecommerce website templates.
  • Handmade crafts shopping cart software that calculates the total price of selected items, including shipping charges if necessary.
  • Good old SEO so that your site could be found by a simple request (“handmade necklace”, for example).
  • Email marketing and social activity so you can remain in touch with your regular customers.
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