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Build candles online store for free with Getsocio to hoist the flag of your candle making business on the internet

Selling candles online on your own website is the best way to help lots of people to bring comfort and peace to their interior, and for you – to increase sales. A changeable shadow theatre on the walls and ceiling, mysterious twilight, a whole new and unusual space – all of that can be achieved using your handmade candles.

With Getsocio you will start your own research on how to sell candles online easily.

Quick launch

Create your candles store in a few clicks. It’s easier than you might think. Get through registration and voila! Here is your well-designed site with all the necessary tools – candles shopping cart software, search engine optimization, email marketing, social media integration and many others.


Just like people pick candles taking into account features of their interior, you can choose the design with free candles ecommerce website templates that will coordinate with the product you’re selling.

Add information

It’s time to breathe life into your candles shop. Show your product in all its beauty, describe the materials it is made of since there is a huge variation in cost - is it gel or soy and palm waxes? What kind of scent does your candle have? What ingredient except wax does it contain? Don’t forget to fill “About Us” page. Tell about yourself as if you’re talking to a friend about your business.

Marketing your unique candles online gives you the freedom with which to create. When you sell candles online on your own candles ecommerce site in addition to brick-and-mortar storefronts you give better chances to candle lovers to buy your product.

Getsocio team has burned the candle at both ends when developing ecommerce platform for candles store so you can get the best solution and start your e-commerce business without all the hassle.

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