Gift Cards Management Software

Shoppers don’t always like to buy gifts. More precisely, they avoid assuming the responsibility for picking up gifts. Getsocio gives merchants a platform to design, sell gift cards and track sales.

What is an ecommerce platform for gift cards store

  • A hybrid of a web site and a web app. Your site should contain not only information on your goods. E-commerce implies consumer as an active participant of the Internet market since he or she clicks the buttons, fills in the forms, does shopping.
  • User-friendly templates. Gift cards ecommerce website template has a professional and clear design that ensures beautiful presence online.
  • Convenient gift cards purchase procedure. The customer may not pay attention to charming design and comfortable navigation but he definitely will evaluate all the advantages of shopping cart software.
  • Cost effective solution. You offer not only more purchasing options but the entire assortment of your products and services in one gift card.

With Getsocio e-commerce gift card management software you will:

Improve effectiveness

Your programs of attracting new customers, recognizing and motivating staff, loyalty programs encouraging return visits will achieve required results.

Increase your customer base

Be sure, the client will carefully examine the full range of your services and goods, every item in your storefront, while choosing a gift for himself. None of the advertising technique is capable of making the customer do that.

Raise profit

Use gift card system to substantially reduce the number of returns in your shop after holidays and let your clients forget about mismatched gifts and return trips to the store forever.

Now you can create a unique gift card for your e-commerce site in 5 minutes with gift card solution. Next thing is to print it, as physical card is more substantial, or to provide the client with an electronic gift card number.

There is a full-featured demo version of the site. 14-day free trial is submitted for acquaintance with features of an ecommerce gift cards shop. Make every event special and demonstrate heartwarming attitude to the client using online gift card maker.

Getsocio eCommerce software is a proven, running fast and easy system with a large set of beautiful templates. Don't just take our word on all this. Use our demo version. And check it for yourself Start free trial